depression is not caused by chemical imbalance

‍Depression is not caused by chemical imbalance. It’s not even realistic to think that someone with depression might have it any other way. Because depression isn’t about imbalance, it’s not a disease either. It’s not a symptom of anything harder than yourself — and, most importantly, it’s not something you can get rid of! Wrong! Misconceptions About Depression Most people who try to deal with their own problems don’t actually understand how much work they have to do. They believe that if they just read and accept their feelings they will be able to cope. But this is only partly true. Even if you’re aware of your feelings, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore them and live with yourself. If you are suffering from depression, it’s important to know what your problem is — and what options are available to help you through the difficult days ahead. Here are some myths about the condition: • • • • There is no cure for depression

It’s wrongly thought of as a disease While depression may not actually be a disease, there are misconceptions about its nature and incidence, as well as about its causes. These misconceptions are based on faulty research and misinformed public perception. In reality, depression is a spectrum disorder, with some people being prone to it more than others. The symptoms and signs of depression vary depending on someone’s individual vulnerability, but the Signs and Symptoms of Depression indicate that the condition is fairly common: -Selective Deprivation -Independence on external inputs -Selective Aversion -Selectiveventory -Selective Social -Selective Emotional -Selective Rhythm ## ## Why does someone with depression feel sad? -Selective Deprivation -Independence on external inputs -Selective Aversion -Selective Inventory -Selective Social -Selective Emotional -Selective Rhythm ## This post was sponsored by Amazon — containing affiliate links. It helps keep this page running! -Selective Emotional -Selective Rhythm