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what is Spina bifida and is it consider as disability

The spina bifida is a birth defect that is also called a disease of the spinal cord or vertebral malformation. This condition can affect different parts of the body and it can be bilateral or multilateral. Wrong placement for an X-ray or MRI scan could causes the spina bifida to develop in newborns and children. The spina bifida develops when there is a misalignement of two vertebrae in the back, most often in the lumbar region. When this happens, a vertebrae may become bent in such a way that it cannot support itself on its own. This might result in it being forced against another bone or ligament, creating a bowed arch. Try not to...

depression is not caused by chemical imbalance

‍Depression is not caused by chemical imbalance. It’s not even realistic to think that someone with depression might have it any other way. Because depression isn’t about imbalance, it’s not a disease either. It's not a symptom of anything harder than yourself β€” and, most importantly, it's not something you can get rid of! Wrong! Misconceptions About Depression Most people who try to deal with their own problems don't actually understand how much work they have to do. They believe that if they just read and accept their feelings they will be able to cope. But this is only partly true. Even if you're aware of your feelings, it doesn't mean that you can ignore...

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