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Blindness and low vision and how to continue to live with them

‍ When you first hear the word ‘blind’, it may feel like there’s something… odd about it. After all, isn’t this what most of us were made to do? What is ‘blind’? Blindness is a chronic, inherited condition characterized by a lack of awareness of light and an inability to see completely. It’s a condition that results from an inherited disease. The disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion, meaning that a person has to be born with it and passes it on to their children. In most cases, the condition is incurable, meaning that blindness is a sure thing. ## Why does blindness affect people? Blind people experience a range of emotions. Some have no sadness,...

what are the symptoms of Dwarfism and can it be treated?

The term dwarfism was first used around the turn of the 20th century to refer to an abnormality that affected people who were between the height of average-sized individuals and those at least two feet shorter. Over the past few decades, these problems have become more well known and recognized because of increased demand for corrective bone surgery in children and adults with dwarfism. Wrinkling of the neck, low voice, weakness in legs and feet, clubfootedness, scoliosis - these are just a few of the possible symptoms that may lead you to believe that you have something soothed by looking at your mirror. In truth, there is much more than that - perhaps you’re suffering...

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